El Reg on Things VietNam, FLO (Free/Libre|Linux/Open-source)

Count on the ol' El Reg' to bite you where it's best.

* Red Hat delays Global Desktop
Because governments in developing nations want to watch DVDs

* AK47: the world's open-source weapon
Feature: More like communism than Linux

* Emerging markets drive mobile shipments
Asia, Pacific and Africa spur 11% growth

* False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests
Generic faults

* US considers $33bn sci/tech funding package
Still a long way from the green

* Fun with passports and paperclips
Black Hat Blog: Boy scout hacking

* Pirate Bay to resurrect Suprnova.org
Prodigal BitTorrent indexer

* El Reg meets Gen Kalashnikov
From firearms to vodka

* Origins of the assault rifle
Sharp fruit, stormtroopers and hot barrels

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