First Surreal Contact with the X, Post-Partum - Plus Pussy Pix

It'd been almost three months since i'd signed off on divorce at the Saigon kangaroo court. If i remember correctly, the X and i had a mutually frustrating SMS exchange a few days after that, something about a bullshit friendship proposal of hers, pure shiat she obviously had no intention of living up to.

Then she texted me again ten days ago, again professing to still be pining for the oldest, dumbest and laziest of the three boys here, my toms, Chin, Bob and Rajer. Chin's the oldest.

Raj is the youngest, wittiest, lithest and most easily adorable. Raj can dance, fly and swat all in one move. He's thin and light, but nimble, charmingly guileless and a consummate opportunist, a true Viet tom.

Bob's the cutest little tank of a bobcat. At home, Bob whimpers pitifully and simpers for massages. Outside, he rips into any cat in the hood who pushes too far, no matter how big they are. Most mornings he comes back in tatters. Each time he does it's a joyful wonder just to hear him yowl and know he's not dead yet.

A few pix from those sent to the X:

Classic Raj and Chin.

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