Only in America, Only on Fox: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Obama-Clinton Smackdown Proposed

YA (Yet again), herein at least, both "America" and "the Americas" are considered North, South and Central. How's that for dogma?

But it's indeed a bit too difficult to imagine this being breaking news on any major news network other than Fox:

WWE Invites Obama, Clinton to One-on-One Smackdown

A video of the WWE invitation to Clinton and Obama is supposed to be here, but wasn't when this Ho tried to watch it.

As the Fox report also noted that, "What exactly the world of professional wrestling expects Clinton and Obama to do in that ring is unclear", it seems apropos to offer up this depiction from editorial cartoonists Cox & Forkum -- nice name -- circa, AD.2007.Jul.26.EDT:

Knock Down, Drag Out


Urm... a mea culpa may be in order, too: This post is in part a dig at our gonzo mate over at Saigon's WWE (Wild, Wild East). DEC oi, it might take a while to nudge the smackdown crowd out Google's top spots on that acronym. ;)

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David Everitt-Carlson said...

Yeah, okay. WWE is gonna be a problem when I get close to SMACKDOWN fame! Now Technorati 1,230,000 something and an Authority of 7. No problem yet...but I'm gaining on em!