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Re Georgie Bush Jr, Google & News: Vietnam +/-Iraq +/-War -- Yet Again, 2007.Aug.24
Update, AD.2007.Aug.26.Sun.13h09.ICT:

The Google web and news hit numbers of the post referred to above were just updated. The revised results follow.

The most obvious results were, first, far from what were expected. Firing from the hip with a shotgun caught less interesting changes than hoped for. (It's been a couple days of too many expectations being trashed, yet again.) Over only two days hits were down significantly for all searches except for those limited to "vietnam" or its main cities plus "iraq" and "war" with or without "bush". Before, all were expected to rise.

But only the last three searches showed significant increases in hits, most significantly for news about "vietnam iraq war bush".
It seems all that can be readily said is that George Jr got the attention he sought from the Vietnam-Iraq analogy, deservedly or not, to his own chagrin or not.

Several other interpretations of the results come to mind already. But, hey, what's the point?

One valued spin-off from this whole deluded exercise was finding this unnerving, eye-opening of survey of military literature and philosophy in light of Bush's Vietnam-Iraq analogy:
Robert D. Kaplan's "Rereading Vietnam", TheAtlantic.com, 2007.Aug.24
That alone was worth it. It's a read that smacks the more liberal among us up the side of the head. At least, it shook a lot more of the reactionary old cobweb's out of this author's head -- making a whole list of revisions to a lot of earlier posts all start to seem wise.

Then again, it's got to be better (or less time-consuming at least) to live, learn and let some pasts be.


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