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[ECHELON bait ;)] - J. Orlin Grabbe, Laissez Faire City & San Jose, Costa Rica

J. Orlin Grabbe is the author of International Financial Markets, and is an internationally recognized derivatives expert. He has recently branched out into cryptology, banking security, and digital cash.

His home page, *currently* at http://www.aci.net/kalliste/, displays "Local time San Jose, Costa Rica", reads like an erotic X-Files episode and reveals Grabbe is a fellow acolyte of Bob Dobbs' Church of the Subgenius.

If you don't vote Obama ,
vote Bob--the Sex Candidate.
Meet Bob?
If none of this is making any sense,
see Emilio Estevez' film, Bobby.

It wouldn't cut muster to conclude a Grabbe bio without noting his role of one of the founders of Laissez Faire City.
From the ScamDog site:

Laissez Faire City is no more. The gates to the Trustee's office in Costa Rica have closed for the last time, and the people have gone away. And the end did not come gently. There was great dissent, some of which continues to this time. (November 2002.)

This is not to say that what was produced by those working on the Laissez Faire City (LFCity) project is gone. The work continues of building freedom in cyberspace, but without coordinated planning or financing. Individual profit-seeking businesses are continuing the work, which is probably better for the cause of liberty in the long run. [ ...]

In the following article, Grabbe calls LFCity, "a sovereign city in cyberspace whose raison d'être is to promote individual freedom and dignity, and the capability to live and work outside the confining tyranny of the nation-state."

Some Further News of Laissez Faire City

by J. Orlin Grabbe

On a Lufthansa flight from Caracas, Venezuela to Frankfurt, Germany, I discovered there was still some sanity left in the world. I unrolled the cutlery wrapped in the dinner service napkin and found two forks and two knives. Real stainless steel forks, and real stainless steel knives. Everyone else had them also.

If anyone tries to rush the cockpit, I thought to myself, he'll end up with at least two eating utensils embedded in softer portions of his anatomy. I was thinking of the forks, not the knives. Forks make better weapons. When I was growing up in Texas, it was a rule of thumb that a sharp fork was a standoff against a pocket knife—much like the equivalent point value of a knight and a bishop in chess. [...]

Btw, check out the cool shite Firefox can now do: screenshot attached.

Cheers, guy. ;)

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