YeeHo! Why Keep on Keepin On? GangstaGrass

So fine. Not everyday you stumble on a CD with every song just tooooo sizzlin sweet.

Gangstagrass. She's a perfect mash of hillbilly twang'n'beat happyin-up some of the finest homes and hos voices today. One hear gives ya visions of great grinning gangstas stompin with a gaggle o' them danged slangin' good ol' boys. Hold onto yer guts if you're ganja-enhanced. Guffaws galore.

And, if the mashup's producer Rench doesn't do a Gangstagrass vidi for Obama, there just ain't no justice in the world.

At time of writing, the band's website was 503'd (Service temporarily unavailable), apparently overloaded by just Boing Boing's mini-review and the news just hit Digg, so get a Bittorrent client and go to Pirate Bay for the whole 22-song album, as free mp3s, plus cover art and songs-artists list.

Look, call for more Gangstagrass. This is the best future yet.