The Wilder, Weirder of Harper's Weekly Review, 2007.Aug.21

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Epinephrine structure
Epinephrine or "adrenaline": Two OHs and a HO, near Hanoi (HN).
[Source: Wikipedia]
Scientists analyzing the urine of the lonely found higher levels of epinephrine, a "fight or flight" chemical that contributes to physiological decay over time; a study suggested that women with breast implants were three times more likely to commit suicide than those without; and the Army's suicide rate was at an all-time high, leading the Army to hold a poster contest. A Massachusetts man pleaded guilty to intentionally eating glass in over a dozen restaurants to collect insurance compensation. An earthquake along the southern coast of Peru killed 510 people. German physicists claimed to have broken the speed of light, and Scottish physicists reversed the Casimir force to make objects levitate. David Beckham scored on a free kick during his first game for the LA Galaxy, and astronomers observed a dying star named Mira shedding a dazzling, comet-like tail. A study found that mothers who ate junk food while pregnant predisposed their children to obesity. After widespread flooding, 53,000 Bangladeshis contracted diarrhea, an Australian woman was crushed to death by her sexually aroused pet camel, and a couple in China named their baby "@."
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